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WinInizio PenSuite 2.1 is happy to present Wininizio PenSuite, a collection of free and open source software that can be copied onto a USB pen drive or used from a hard disk.

The new PenSuite is a revolutionary product that comes is four versions: SILVER, GOLDEN, PLATINUM and TITANIUM; these contain software belonging to all the categories (Multimedia, Internet, Network, Security, System, Utilities…).

The new version WinInizio PenSuite 2.1 introduces some innovationes:

It’s been introduced the Games version for all gamers that can always have some games to spend some pleasant time;
It has been introduced a new and simple setup for the extraction of the PenSuite on the hard disk or the pendrive. The setup is completely guided!

PRO versions are dismitted because of some limitations and problems given by the launcher.

The software contained in the PenSuites is stand-alone and doesn’t require installation; each program is easily launched directly from the pen drive  and accessed directly from a menu that’s similar to the Quick Launch menu in Windows.
Just plug your pen drive into your PC’s USB slot and have immediate access to hundreds of free programs.
Carry it in your pocket or purse and have the right software for every situation. The PenSuite offers many software categories — for instance, security, networking, multimedia — enough that you could use a it on a PC that has just the operating system installed.
You can also use the PenSuite from an hard drive in your PC — or even an external, USB hard drive. As with the pen drive,  you don’t have to install any of the programs — just copy the contents of the pen drive into a folder on the hard drive and immediately choose from among the hundreds of applications.
Wininizio Pen Suite is available in twelve different editions, one richer than the next, with the only limitation being the size of your pen drive.

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